Waves World January Update

In our Christmas update we were proud to summarise some of the great developments we’d achieved over the course of 2018, including the launch of our marketplace and the growth of our node to over 1 million WAVES!

Well, we haven’t been standing still since then, and have got plenty more coming down the track for our community.

Waves World in figures: 12 February (15 December 2018)

After the massive increase in membership to our Telegram channel, things have quietened down and we’ve banned a large number of spam and fraudulent accounts — meaning that those who are left are more likely to be engaged: our core community. It’s also worth noting the number of WW holders has almost quadrupled. This is largely down to a promotional initiative in which we sent a small amount of WW to thousands of accounts, to encourage the Waves community to use it to pay tx fees (10 WW per tx). However, some 3,529 holders have at least 100 WW.

Millionaires Club becomes Top 100

One of the changes we’ve made recently has been to the structure of the Millionaires Club. Instead of distributing daily rewards to every account that holds 1 million WW or more, we decided to reward the Top 100 accounts. There were several reasons for this, but the overall aim was to increase token value and simplify budgeting. You can read more about the reasons here.

2019 Roadmap

We have also released our Roadmap for 2019! We have a lot of good stuff on the way, including a bunch more products and services offered on our Marketplace, application for Token Issuer Status, new video content, and a partnership programme to help startups raise money and grow.

Community Governance Protocol launched

One of the big developments is the launch of our Community Governance Protocol. This enables community members to submit proposals to change the way we run our project — and for everyone to vote on them. Proposals can be purchased for a nominal fee (to discourage spam) from the Waves World Marketplace, and we have already received our first one. We’ll be assessing this and any others we receive, and putting them to the community if they are approved later this month.

Waves Lab grant application secured

You may have seen that Waves Lab, which used to operate as an ICO incubator, has pivoted and is now funding various projects that will further the wider Waves ecosystem. Waves World has pitched to carry out a detailed piece of research on Loyalty programmes on the Waves blockchain, and have had our application accepted! We are pleased to say that Waves Lab has offered us 2,500 WAVES for this research, which we have accepted.

We have partnered with a representative from Incent Loyalty — a mainstream loyalty programme based on Waves platform, and one of Waves’ first token sales — for this piece of work. As a grassroots crypto-world initiative, Waves World is the perfect complement to Incent, which is using bank account linking to issue rewards seamlessly to everyday consumers. We believe the combination of experience and expertise puts us in a very strong position to offer advice and recommendations to other projects seeking to launch loyalty initiatives on Waves.

More details on the website: https://www.wavesworld.io/

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